Hartnett, et al. v. Pennsylvania State Education Association, et al.

Greg Hartnett chose not to be a member of the teachers union. Yet the law allows unions to require nonmembers to pay fees regardless of whether they want representation. Collective bargaining is inherently political, and compelling nonmembers to pay to a union that they've chosen not to join violates protections of the First Amendment. 

David Smith & Donald Lambrecht v. Gov. Tom Wolf, et al.

David Smith, homebound with muscular dystrophy, has relied on Don Lambrecht as his homecare worker for 25 years. An executive order from Gov. Wolf would let unions collect $8 million annually in dues from homecare workers by forcing representation on people like Don. 


Linda Misja v. Pennsylvania State Education Association

Teacher Linda Misja has never been a member of the Pennsylvania State Education Assoc. and she has never paid a fee for its representation—which she does not want. Linda is a religious objector to the union which means that her fee to the union can instead go to a nonreligious charity. Except that the PSEA won't let Linda decide where her money can go.

William J. Green, IV v. Gov. Thomas Wolf, et al.

The Fairness Center represents School Reform Commission (SRC) member and former Democratic City Councilman Bill Green in his fight to be reinstated as rightful Chairman of the SRC. Gov. Tom Wolf illegally removed Green as Chairman of the SRC after Green’s reforms drew the ire of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers.

Jane Ladley & Chris Meier v. Pennsylvania State Education Association

As religious objectors to union membership, teachers Jane Ladley, Chris Meier, and Linda Misja can send their money, otherwise “owed” the union, to charity. But the state’s largest teachers’ union rejected their chosen charities and is holding their money in escrow.


Americans for Fair Treatment v. Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, et al.

In Philadelphia, teachers on leave from the classroom are used to staff public-sector union offices, to lobby for unions’ political causes and candidates, and to promote union membership at the workplace. The Fairness Center is filing suit to expose Philadelphia’s union leave practices and to have this CBA provision declared illegal under state law.