Sixth Circuit ruling on local right to work laws will stand

March 8, 2017 | by Karin Sweigart

The Sixth Circuit denied rehearing in United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America Local 3047, et al., v. Hardin County, Kentucky, meaning local right to work laws are legal under Sixth Circuit precedent. Statewide right to work has now passed in three out of four Sixth Circuit states. The lone holdout - Ohio.

While right to work supporters are still hoping for statewide passage, some Ohio lawmakers are encouraging local governments to "take matters into their own hands and act in the interest of their citizens and their economic vitality." West Chester Township proposed to do just that earlier this year, but, facing protests, local lawmakers stated they wanted to wait until the Sixth Circuit was done with the appeal before taking up the measure in earnest. Now that the ruling is final, local lawmakers in West Chester, and elsewhere, will have to decide whether they want the ensuing legal and political battle that comes with passing right to work.