The Fairness Center is a nonprofit, public interest law firm that provides free legal services to those hurt by public sector union officials. Being, above all, client centric, we vigorously pursue our clients' goals through a cohesive, wholistic approach to representation, advocating for our clients both in the court of law and the court of public opinion. As we pursue our bedrock principle of excellent representation on behalf of our clients, the firm's seasoned litigation attorneys employ a variety of strategies to further our clients' best interests. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to engage in complex civil litigation, and can handle matters ranging from administrative charges and hearings to filing traditional and class action lawsuits in federal and state courts.

Our firm has filed a wide variety of lawsuits on behalf of individuals who are both union and non-union members, and for organizations seeking to push back on injuries caused by the actions of public sector union officials. This includes representing teachers who want to do what they love without supporting a union with which they disagree; a graduate assistant who wants an education without union involvement; a homecare worker who wants to protect his working relationship from union intrusion; taxpayers who want their money to support education, not union activity; a firefighter's local union trying to protect its firefighters' right to disaffiliate from a large, state union; and religious objectors to unionism who want to support that in which they believe, not what union officials choose for them.

About Our Professionals

  • David R. Osborne

    President & General Counsel

    David R. Osborne is President & General Counsel of the Fairness Center. David helped to launch the Fairness Center in 2014, provides advice and counsel to clients, and directs and manages the firm. Prior to joining the Fairness Center, David practiced law in Florida, where he had previously served as clerk to a Florida Supreme Court justice.

  • Nathan J. McGrath

    Vice President & Director of Litigation

    Nathan J. McGrath is Vice President & Director of Litigation of the Fairness Center where he litigates and develops legal strategy to advance the Fairness Center’s clients’ best interests. Prior to joining the Fairness Center, Nathan was a staff attorney with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc. Nathan was also an associate attorney with Lawlor & Lawlor, P.C., a general practice firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • Justin T. Miller

    Litigation Counsel

    Justin T. Miller serves as Litigation Counsel for the Fairness Center. His work focuses on representing clients in state and federal courts, and before administrative boards. Prior to joining the Fairness Center, Justin was a prosecutor for the State Attorney’s Office in Florida. He was lead counsel in over 80 jury trials and prosecuted a wide-array of felony offenses before accepting an assignment to the special victims unit.

  • Danielle R.A. Susanj

    Litigation Counsel

    Danielle R.A. Susanj is Litigation Counsel at the Fairness Center, representing clients in state and federal courts and before administrative boards. Prior to joining the Fairness Center, Danielle practiced law as a litigation associate at a large international firm in Washington, D.C. and as a litigator in central Pennsylvania, representing clients in federal district and appellate courts and the United States Supreme Court.

  • Joshua M. Montagnini

    Litigation Counsel

    Joshua M. Montagnini serves as Litigation Counsel for the Fairness Center, where he focuses on litigation and advising clients.

    Prior to joining the Fairness Center, Josh was an attorney at a general practice firm in Gallup, New Mexico. He defended America’s largest Indian tribe, the Navajo Nation, in a variety of civil lawsuits in tribal, state, and federal courts, and prosecuted a high-volume DWI docket for the City of Gallup.

  • Lindsey A. Wanner

    Paralegal & Research Associate

    Lindsey A. Wanner is a Paralegal and Research Associate at the Fairness Center. She is a PACE Registered Paralegal and holds degrees in political science, economics, and paralegal studies. Lindsey is currently pursuing her Master's in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University.

  • Conner D. Drigotas

    Director of Communications & Outreach

    Conner D. Drigotas is the Fairness Center’s Director of Communications & Outreach. Prior to joining the Fairness Center, Conner managed local, state, and federal political campaigns, and worked in the financial industry developing financial strategies for at risk populations.

  • Tori K. James

    Administrative Assistant

    Tori K. James is the Administrative Assistant at the Fairness Center. She has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Pennsylvania State University.