Rachel L. Goodrich

Executive Assistant

About Rachel L. Goodrich

Rachel Goodrich serves as Executive Assistant to the President at the Fairness Center. Prior to joining the Fairness Center, Rachel worked in Presidential and Board of Trustees support in the world of Higher Education, and as a Board Professional Specialist with the Association of Governing Boards.

Rachel holds a BA in Theatre Performance from Liberty University. In addition to her career in executive support, Rachel is an actress and musical theatre performer having performed in various productions in New York City and throughout the east coast. She is passionate about innovation, organizational leadership, and turning challenges into opportunities in this rapidly changing world. Outside of work, Rachel loves a good cup of coffee and enjoying the great outdoors with her husband.

Phone: 844.293.1001

Fax: 717.307.3424

Liberty University, B.A.


Is your union resignation being ignored?

July 2020