• Cheryl Spano Lonis

    Cheryl A. Spano Lonis resigned her union membership after reconnecting with her church and concluding that her religious beliefs precluded her membership in or financial support of the union and its activities. But for nearly three years, the union ignored her resignation and the State of Connecticut continued collecting full union dues from her wages.

  • Bitsy Galaska

    This summer the Supreme Court rendered a decision in Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, a case that could have an enormous impact for every government worker across Pennsylvania, including teachers like me.

  • Chris Meier

    Chris Meier, a father of three, currently teaches history and economics at Penn Manor High School in Lancaster County, where he has been employed for the last ten years. He is also a “bona fide religious objector” whose charity of choice has been arbitrarily rejected by the PSEA.

  • Jane Ladley

    Jane Ladley is a 25-year veteran of the Pennsylvania public school system. She retired from Avon Grove School District in Chester County in 2014, not long after the district went “agency shop,” requiring all teachers to either join the teachers unions or pay a lesser “fair share fee.”

  • Dave & Don

    Dave Smith of Phoenixville, age 59, copes with muscular dystrophy which has confined him to a wheelchair since the age of 11. Don has been indispensable to him. “Don’s really been my arms and legs for 25 years,” Dave says.

  • Greg Hartnett

    As a public schoolteacher, hundreds of parents entrust Greg Hartnett to help their children achieve their potential. Thousands of taxpayers also rely on me to use their resources for the betterment of the next generation.