StoryChris Meier

Chris Meier, a father of three, currently teaches history and economics at Penn Manor High School in Lancaster County, where he has been employed for the last ten years. He is also a “bona fide religious objector” whose charity of choice has been arbitrarily rejected by the PSEA.

Chris asked the PSEA to send his money to a national charity that provides free legal advice and representation specific to public-sector employees, called the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation (the “Foundation”). The Foundation exists to protect teachers like Chris from public union abuses and has, under that mission, provided free legal services to teachers against the PSEA. The Foundation’s clients have succeeded in uncovering such abuse within the PSEA.

The PSEA refused Chris’s selection on the basis that the Foundation provided legal representation to teachers who sued the PSEA.  According to the PSEA, allowing Chris to fund the Foundation would be a “conflict of interest” for the PSEA. In other words, the PSEA disagrees with the Foundation.

“I want freedom of choice—to be able to donate to the charity I choose,” said Chris.

See Ladley v. PSEA