StoryCurtis Thompson

The Fairness Center represents Curtis W. Thompson, who seeks to have his union honor his resignation of union membership and to stop having union dues deducted from his wages against his will. Mr. Thompson is an education assistant at Eagle View Middle School in the Cumberland Valley School District (“CVSD”). He was a union member but resigned his membership because he believes that the union no longer represented his interests or beliefs. 

"I am forced to accept union representation I do not want, and do not need. I want to be part of the solution to problems in the education system. The union simply continues to be part of the problem.”

But the union refuses to honor his resignation, relying on Pennsylvania law and its collective bargaining agreement with CVSD to say that Mr. Thompson cannot resign until he follows its stringent resignation procedures during a 15-day window period immediately preceding the CBA’s expiration date. Mr. Thompson contends in his lawsuit that the union’s failure to honor his resignation violates his constitutional rights to freedom of speech and association.


See Thompson v. AFSCME, Council 89