The Fairness Center

What We Do

The Fairness Center is a nonprofit public interest law firm offering free legal services to those hurt by public employee union officials. Fairness Center attorneys provide clients with a voice in the court of law and the court of public opinion.

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Recent Cases

Americans for Fair Treatment et al. v. Reading Education Association et al.

Since 2011, the president of the Reading Education Assoc. teachers union cost Reading taxpayers more than $580,000, even while working exclusively for the union. On top of receiving a generous salary, the REA President is accruing seniority as if he were still teaching in the classroom, as well as pension credits. 

Hartnett, et al. v. Pennsylvania State Education Association, et al.

Greg Hartnett chose not to be a member of the teachers union. Yet the law allows unions to require nonmembers to pay fees regardless of whether they want representation. Collective bargaining is inherently political, and compelling nonmembers to pay to a union that they've chosen not to join violates protections of the First Amendment. 

David Smith & Donald Lambrecht v. Gov. Tom Wolf, et al.

David Smith, homebound with muscular dystrophy, has relied on Don Lambrecht as his homecare worker for 25 years. An executive order from Gov. Wolf would let unions collect $8 million annually in dues from homecare workers by forcing representation on people like Don.