The Fairness Center is a nonprofit, public interest law firm that provides free legal services to those hurt by public-sector union officials. We advocate for our clients goals both in the court of law and the court of public opinion.

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Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to engage in complex civil litigation and can handle matters ranging from administrative charges and hearings, to filing traditional and class-action lawsuits in federal and state courts.


Our clients are public employees and others who are defending their constitutional rights, facing union retaliation, fighting unfair representation, or demanding accountability for corruption by union officials.

We have represented teachers, firefighters, municipal employees, liquor store employees, public university professors, corrections officers, traffic agents, and dozens of others who have been hurt by public-sector union officials. We offer our free legal services in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New York and to federal government employees wherever they work or reside.


Court of Law

We have served over 150 clients whose litigation has impacted themselves and, in many cases, thousands of others. Here are a few examples of our clients’ accomplishments:

  • Won a judgment applying the U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus v. AFSCME decision to Pennsylvania law, after eight years of litigation

  • Forced Pennsylvania’s largest public-sector unions to change their contracts, which covered over 50,000 public employees, and abandon limitations on when union members can leave the union

  • Ended “ghost teaching”—letting teachers leave the classroom to work for the union while taxpayers still foot the bill for their salary and benefits—in school districts across Pennsylvania

  • Uncovered stolen union dues and demanded answers for why a Pennsylvania corrections officers’ union didn’t follow its own financial policies while tens of thousands of dollars were embezzled
  • Defended a Connecticut firefighters’ union’s right to separate from a state union, exposing what a court called “questionable” financial practices

Court of Public Opinion

Our clients’ cases have been featured more than 1,000 times in national, statewide, and local media outlets. Here are headlines from some of our clients’ media wins:

“I have been asked as a union leader: why choose to hire the Fairness Center? The reply is quick: they are effective, responsive, and concentrate in this area of law. As firefighters we know that merit matters. This is a firm that is about the rule of law, fairness, and freedom, and they have the ability to bring required resources and expertise to bear.”
– Frank Ricci, former president of New Havens International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 825




Our firm has filed a wide variety of lawsuits on behalf of both union and non-union members and for organizations seeking to push back on injuries caused by the actions of public-sector union officials.

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Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to engage in complex civil litigation, and can handle matters ranging from administrative charges and hearings to filing traditional and class action lawsuits in federal and state courts.

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