Firefighters Union Wins Independence

IAFF, Local 825 v. UPFFA

New Haven, Connecticut’s firefighters’ union, Local 825, believed its statewide affiliate union was working against the local’s interests. So, in 2016, Frank Ricci and the local union’s board voted to leave the statewide union. When state union officials refused to let them leave, the Fairness Center helped them win their independence.


Teacher Holds Union Accountable, Fights District Over DEI Discipline

Grande v. HFT

John Grande won a huge victory at the state labor board when he filed charges against his union for refusing to represent him in a workplace grievance, securing rights for all Connecticut public employees. Now he is looking to hold school administrators accountable for the retaliatory investigation that began when he simply voiced his opinion.


Former Union Vice President Fights for Right to Resign

Welch v. CSEA, Local 1000

New York community service officer Amber Welch wanted to make change in her union—so she became its vice president. That wasn’t enough, she concluded, to force the union to live by its values. When she attempted to resign from the union in protest, the union ignored her and kept taking her money. That’s when she contacted the Fairness Center.


Liquor Store Clerk Battles Union Officials’ Deception

Kabler v. UFCW, Local 1776

On John Kabler‘s first day as a Pennsylvania liquor store clerk, a union official told him that he had to join the union or find another job. That simply wasn’t true. But the president of the union, UFCW Local 1776, reiterated the ultimatum in writing. John needed legal help to defend his rights–and he found it at the Fairness Center.


Educator Seeks Legal Help to Leave Union

Thompson v. AFSCME, DC 89

Curtis Thompson tried to resign from his union because he felt it no longer best represented him. But the union refused to honor his resignation, enforcing their stringent resignation procedures during a 15-day window. Curtis defended his constitutional rights with the Fairness Center’s help.


Public Employee Sues to Recover Improperly Taken Dues

Spano Lonis v. SEIU, District 1199NE

After a three-year battle to keep her money from supporting union-backed causes that violated her religious beliefs, Cheryl Spano Lonis asked the Fairness Center for help. Within three months, her union relented and her problems were solved.