Americans for Fair Treatment v. REA


The Fairness Center represented Americans for Fair Treatment in a lawsuit and administrative complaint challenging the Reading Education Association (“REA”) practice of forcing the Reading School District (“District”) to expend taxpayer dollars on the salary and benefits of the REA President. The practice of paying these union officials, often referred to as “ghost teachers,” hurts other Pennsylvania school districts as well.

Since 2011, the REA President cost Reading taxpayers more than $580,000, even while working exclusively for the union. On top of receiving a generous salary and other benefits, the REA President accrued seniority as if he were still teaching in the classroom. Additionally, the President collected pension credits in the Public School Employees’ Retirement System (“PSERS”) as if he were working as a public school employee.

Americans for Fair Treatment filed a lawsuit and administrative complaint with PSERS to expose this misuse of taxpayer dollars and hold the REA, the District, and PSERS accountable.

Americans for Fair Treatment v. Reading Education Association and Reading School District

In May 2018, the plaintiff filed a praecipe of discontinuance after the defendants acquiesced in substantial part to the plaintiff’s requested relief.