Jones v. SEIU, Local 668


The Fairness Center represents Michelle Jones, who is an income maintenance caseworker for the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Ms. Jones signed a union membership form on her way into a union event, thinking that she was just updating her contact information. Then, in March 2021 when she decided to exercise her right to leave the union, union officials told her that she couldn’t stop paying the union until the date on her membership application. But when she saw the form the union was relying on, she discovered that union officials had added the key date they were using after she’d signed the form—without any notice to her. Even though she knew nothing about that date until after she resigned her union membership, union officials kept taking her money until that date anyway. Arguing that such a form is unenforceable, Ms. Jones brings this lawsuit to protect her right not to be forced to provide financial support to a union.

Michelle Jones v. SEIU, Local 668.

This case was filed in the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas.

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Complaint | January 11, 2022