Yedlosky v. PSCOA


The Fairness Center represents three Pennsylvania corrections officers in their lawsuit against the Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association, Local SCI-Huntingdon (“Local”), former Local officials Bryan Peroni and Douglas Clark in their official and personal capacities, and the Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association (“PSCOA”). The Plaintiffs allege that the unions have breached their duty of fair representation to them and their colleagues by failing to enforce the unions’ own rules related to the handling of union funds, including dues and fees taken from corrections officers. Further, they allege that Defendants Peroni and Clark, while officials of the Local, improperly conveyed and/or accepted thousands of dollars of union money in violation of multiple union rules regarding the handling of union funds.

Plaintiff corrections officers notified the unions’ officials of suspicious activity that, on its face, violated the unions’ rules for expending the Local’s funds. However, even after the unions’ officials were provided with the notice and supporting documentation, the unions’ officials have remained silent for months about the issue and have not provided any explanation to plaintiff corrections officers’ questions.  As a result, the plaintiff corrections officers have been forced to file this lawsuit to address the unions’ failure to follow its own rules and to discover what happened to nearly $20,000 in union dues.

Cory Yedlosky, et al. v. Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association, Local SCI-Huntingdon, et al.

This case was filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.

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January 28, 2020

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January 28, 2020