Wong v. Transport Workers Union, Local 100


The Fairness Center represents Wayne Wong, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority (“MTA”) employee who resigned from his union, TWU, Local 100, in June 2020. However, his resignation has been ignored while the MTA continues deducting union dues from his paycheck. A train operator for MTA, NYC Transit, Mr. Wong decided that he no longer wanted to be a union member, but union officials gave multiple, changing demands for what Mr. Wong had to do to resign his membership, including hand-delivering a resignation letter to the union office in New York City during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite Mr. Wong’s attempts to comply with union officials’ demands, neither the union nor the MTA have ever recognized him as a nonmember of the union. Mr. Wong brings this lawsuit to vindicate his constitutional rights not to be forced to be associated with or to financially support a union.

Wayne Wong v. Transport Workers Union, Local 100; Tony Utano, in his official capacity as the President of Transportation Workers Union, Local 100; Metropolitan Transportation Authority; Robert E. Foran, in his official capacity as the Chief Financial Officer of the MTA.

This case was filed in Federal District Court in the Eastern District of New York

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